MUSO Japanese Ramen Noodle & Gyoza Bar.

The other day O, N and I wanted to try out The Roti Hut as it has such high ratings on Urbanspoon. Much to our disappointment The Roti Hut closed down, so O directed us down the road to MUSO Japanese Ramen Noodle & Gyoza Bar.

That day I was drawn to Muso Tonkotsu Black with a soy base and thick noodles ($14) as it had sesame and garlic. I eventually chose it because O recommended it as well. As for O, she tried the Muso Chuka Soba with Chilli with thin noodles ($14) and N tried the Muso Tonkotsu Dipping Noodles ($14).

You were able to choose between a miso base or a soy base soup AND thin or think noodles. The thin and thick noodles only differ by 1-2mm so it wasn’t noticeable when you ate it.

On the table, they also had a jar called Ramen Punch Sauce which I was eager to try and a jug of water with slices of lemon. I liked the fine detail they had with the lemon-flavoured water as it was very refreshing.

Overall, I loved it there! Especially the soy soup base, pork belly and sauce.

I loved it so much that I had to take W to try it out. A few days later I took W there. That day W tried the Muso Tonkotsu Black with a miso base and thick noodles ($14) and I tried Muso Chuka Soba with thick noodles ($14). We also ordered the Muso Pan-Fried Gyoza ($7).

I will definitely return here on a cold night as it would totally warm me up!
MUSO Ramen

If you want to try another ramen place, I would also recommend Hakataya Ramen.

Muso Ramen Noodle & Gyoza Bar on Urbanspoon


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