Maruya Japanese Restaurant.

Before W came down tonight his first comment was, “What’s for dinner?”. Yeah, I didn’t have anything in the fridge and on top of that I was (and still am) on my sushi binge. I went to this restaurant last week and I’ve been wanting to take W.

So on tonight’s menu is Maruya Japanese Restaurant.


I browsed the menu and wanted to order a milion and one things. In the end, W pulled me back and we ordered the Grilled Salmon Sushi (6 piece), Wagyu Beef Tataki Sushi (7 piece), Chicken Karaage Sushi (7 piece) and a small Sashimi. The bill totalled up to $59 and we both ended up satisfied (but not to the extent of “full”).

mixture of sushi

So, how was each dish you might be wondering.

Well, the Grilled Salmon Sushi was the first dish that came and it was also the dish of the day. The sweetness of the grilled salmon with the kewpie mayonnaise melted in your mouth with a mild hit of wasabi. Our next dish was Chicken Karaage Sushi which can be described as fresh, hot and crunchy. The last sushi dish was Wagyu Beef Tataki Sushi which was not as good as I was expecting. Wagyu beef normally melts in your mouth, however, the wagyu beef on the sushi felt that it wasn’t fresh.

The last thing W and I finished on was the Sashimi. I find that sashimi is a dish that you must try to be able to access the quality of fish especially salmon. I believe our sashimi had salmon and snapper. Both were very smooth and elastic, however, I question if it was “fresh”. That salmon compared to the one I tried at Reef Seafood+ Sushi on Sunday was not as fresh. However, all in all – taking in all aspects i.e. service, price and quality – this is somewhere that I would visit again.

There is one more thing that annoys me – the small blob of wasabi that looks like tacky blue tac at the corner of the dish. It annoys me because I feel like the chef has put so much effort in making the dish look stunning and then the blob of wasabi brings down the whole dish. But that is just something very small and I know I’m getting very picky.


Also, in the middle of waiting for another dish of sushi, it suddenly dawned on me that it would be pretty awesome if we were able to order a half-half sushi dish (sort of like the half-half pizzas). Thoughts?

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